Where to Mount Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors are surely a great device that helps the parents monitor a baby from their own room but also gives them a peace of mind while being away from their child. However, like all other technology, an audio or video baby monitors are also something that need special attention and care in terms of their usage and placement.

You cannot simply place it anywhere in the baby’s room as you desire and expect things to go smooth. Rather, the question of where should you mount a baby monitor camera is something that needs careful consideration.

Below, we are covering almost all the aspects that you need to know when installing a baby’s monitor for the first time. We hope the below knowledge will help you ensure the best place for mounting your video monitor. So, lets get into this:

Things to Consider Before Deciding Where to Place The Baby Camera Monitor

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Although it isn’t rocket science, but there are some things that you must consider before you place the baby monitor somewhere or mount it on the wall. These things are as follows:

1 – It Should Be Safe For The Baby

You must make sure that whatever place you select is safe for your baby. You need to make sure its at least 6 foot away from the child’s bed. Also, it should not be mounted right on their bed because you can never be 100% sure that it won’t ever fall down and hurt the baby.

If you’re an anxious parent, you’d also not want to place it so close to the baby that the radiation of any kind coming off the monitor will have a direct contact with the child’s skin.

Lastly, even if it is a baby monitor that comes with the night light, you must make sure that it does not disturb the baby’s sleep with the light going inside their eyes.

2 – The Monitor Should Be in Line of Sight From Both Ends

You may go for the baby’s room for getting some peace of mind, but also need to make sure that you receive the video and audio clearly on your monitor. A poorly placed monitor may result in the view coming from a poor direction and thus, leading to you not seeing or hearing any movement of your child properly.

3 – The Video Monitor Should Be Within Your Grasp

There is no point in placing the monitor like you want to cover a long distance with it. A good baby monitor should be placed in a way that you can easily access the buttons and switches present on it. The baby monitor cords should be hidden or you can try getting one of those digital cordless baby monitors if possible.

Where Exactly to Place a Baby Monitor?

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Well, the answer to this question depends on how your house’s infrastructure, the kind of rooms you have, where your baby sleeps, and most importantly, what suits you best.

However, according to experts and experiences, the following place are a perfect location to place a monitor while making sure it works and is also safe for the baby.

1 – Mount on The Wall Close to The Ceiling’s Corner

Baby monitor wall mount is the perfect idea to put up your monitor as you can place it there in a way that the back end of the monitor won’t be visible. If you’re going for this option, we suggest using baby monitor clip or something that can hold the monitor tight.

2 – Wall Mounted Monitor That is Easily Accessible

A monitor placed on the wall near the baby’s nursery can be very useful for you to check your baby as and when you want. Wall mounting system great in a sense that you can even sit down on your bed and use it conveniently with the baby not even aware of the fact that you are watching them.

Also, put it up at least 6 feet away from your baby’s crib i.e., at the minimum safety distance. This way, you can receive the audio and video clearly along with having access to all the buttons of the monitor at minimum movement.

3 – Place It High on The Shelf

If you have a shelf or table just next to the baby crib, then that is the perfect place to put your baby monitor. As the monitor is high up, you can put it out of the kid’s reach and still have a clear view.

4 – Put It on The Dresser

Having a good dresser near the baby’s bed can be great for you as it gives you a good view of your kid. Moreover, if you place the monitor on top of it, you can sit down comfortably and use the features of the baby monitor with ease.

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Installing Baby Monitors – Things to Keep in Mind

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A video baby monitor allows you to hear and see your child clearly but alone should not be enough of a thing to convince you and put a baby monitor wherever and whenever you want. Here are some protocols parents should keep in mind when installing baby monitors.

1) Make sure to put baby monitor safely at all costs

Put the baby monitor as well as the baby monitor cord away from things that are dangerous for children. This is why it’s important to know where your child sleeps. Always place the camera so you can see your child clearly and try to use a secure baby monitor holder.

2) Ensure it’s legal

Check if using a surveillance device is allowed where you live with respect to national laws and regulations.

3) Ensure that everybody is happy with it being there

Make sure all family members agree that a baby monitor needs to be installed in certain places or rooms of your home before you do it. Discuss this beforehand with everyone who lives in your house, including any guests who will be staying over at your place regularly. Don’t forget to check with your landlord if you are renting!

4) Only use it when needed

A video baby monitor is only useful for watching over your child if you actually use it at the right times. It’s therefore important to establish clear rules on when, where and how its use will be allowed by everyone involved.

For example, turn off the monitor before leaving the room because you don’t want your child listening to their voice echoing through the house every time they cry. Always leave a lamp or night light switched on in their room so that they can see what they’re doing without getting scared, even with the baby monitor turned off.

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