Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor Review

The Summer infant wide view digital color video baby monitor is a new addition to the baby monitor market. The first thing we noticed was the large 7-inch screen which greatly expanded on the size of monitors we had used in the past. Installation was pretty straightforward, but it didn’t fit well with our other equipment. It used a new style of power cable, not the standard jack that plugs into an outlet. Also, it uses a double-A battery for backup which is something we have never seen before on a baby monitor.

We understand that new parents and parents-to-be want the perfect monitor for their babies and a simple 4-liner can never explain it all to them. So, we decided to write this detailed review of this monitor that is currently a buzz in the market.

Editor’s Rating: 8.5/10


summer infant

The new Summer infant wide view digital color video baby monitor is a pretty decent product that goes light on the pocket considering the features it comes with. With decent battery life and range enough to cover a room with more than one child, this infant monitor is surely a great investment for parents.


  • Wide view screen
  • Night vision feature
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Houses great technology


  • Fussy buttons
  • Weird power cable design (you need to buy the correct adapter)
  • No tilt allowed

Key Features

summer infant

Large 7-Inch Color Screen

When we used this monitor for the first time, its large screen was one of the things that impressed us most. The viewing area is almost like a small smart phone and it displays both images and videos clearly. You can easily see your child breathing on the screen no matter how far your baby is from the camera.

Night Vision

The night vision of the Summer infant camera is pretty decent too. It uses infrared LED lights to give you a clear vision of your baby even in pitch darkness while emitting minimum power consumption.

Reasonable Price

As usual, this monitor is very reasonably priced considering all the features it packs in. You can buy this product at an affordable price and add the required adapters to make it work.

Wide Angle Lens to Cover More of Your Baby’s Room

The camera used in this monitor is pretty powerful and it gives you an excellent view of your baby even at night. You can see your baby breathe clearly on the color screen without any issues.

Temperature Sensor

It also comes with a temperature sensor that lets you check the room temperature just by looking at the monitor’s display. It helps you decide if your baby needs a cover or more clothing.

Two-Way Communication

summer infant

Another interesting feature is it uses two-way communication to allow you to talk back to the child on the screen. This helps calm them down when needed and can be used as an effective way of training children too. You can listen to your little one from a distance and encourage them with your voice.

Good Camera Quality

The quality of the camera is pretty good too with a strong case along with it. The sound quality is also decent without any issues in transmission or reception even when you are on site.

Lightweight And Portable Design

The design of this monitor is lightweight and portable which makes it easy to carry around. You can easily carry this monitor with you when traveling or move it from room to room without any issues.

Efficient Power Consumption

It takes pretty low power consumption for this device which makes it highly energy-efficient. It runs on an alkaline battery along with the included adapter so you don’t have to worry about charging or replacing batteries frequently.

Does Not Need Wi-Fi to Work Like Other Baby monitors

This monitor does not need WiFi to operate; it runs pretty smoothly without any issues. You can easily carry this monitor with you or install it in different rooms where your child plays or sleeps.

All thanks to the amazing Frequency-hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology that they use. With this, you do not have to worry about the monitor getting jammed by other wireless technologies in the vicinity.

600 Ft Range

The range of this monitor is pretty decent considering the price. The product works over a range of 600 ft without any issues which are pretty impressive for its price.

Long Power Cord

A 12 foot long power cord is surely a plus for us because it allows us to plug this video monitor wherever we like. This long power cord helps this monitor stand apart from other efficient ones when compared for their power cords.

What We Don’t Like?

summer infant

No Pan or Tilt Allowed

This summer infant monitor is a fixed camera device and does not allow you to move it up, down, left, or right. You have to place it in a specific location that captures the view of your baby perfectly. Currently, when more and more baby monitors incorporate tilt and pan capacity to get parents rid of using multiple cameras, it is a huge letdown not to have any pan or tilt for this monitor.

However, thanks to the wide-angle cameras it comes with, the lack of tilting options is not a pain for most parents.

No Zoom In or Out Feature

Another disappointing thing about this product is, it does not allow you to zoom in or out of the view as per your requirement. You need to sit right there and adjust the diameter according to your requirements. This can become a problem in times when you cannot hear your baby well and sometimes it also becomes a hurdle in pinpointing the source of the noise.

Not a Very Good Picture Quality

Even when it offers a good camera quality, the display and video quality is not very clear because of the radio technology that hinders crystal clear view.

Final Verdict

Despite its shortcomings, this Summer Infant baby monitor review is quite a good options among other video baby monitors available in the market. It offers a decent range and clear sound with 2 way communication so you can easily calm your child when they are crying.

You will get all these features at an impressive price which makes this monitor competitive in front of others. So, if you are looking to buy a video monitor for your child, this one can be a great option to consider.

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