How to Hide Baby Monitor Cord?

If you’ve ever looked for a way to keep unsightly baby monitor wiring out of view, this is the article for you. Depending on where you want to go with the baby monitor’s cord, there are many ways to hide it. You can use the cover of picture frames, plant pots or even just tucking it under carpet.

If you have a camera set up in the nursery, you can run the baby monitor cord along baseboards or under a rug. However, this topic is way more complicated and important than being just brushed away with brief details. So, read on and grasp all the knowledge on hiding a baby monitor cord.

Why Do You Need to Hide Cord of Baby Monitors?

There are many reasons as to why you should hide all the baby monitors-related wiring. Some of these are as follows:

1 – Strangulation Risk

It may not be in your priority list to keep an eye on the baby monitor wires posing strangulation risks. But, many parents who use baby monitors regularly think its better to hide them for this reason alone. You don’t want to go through with a tragedy because of negligence.

2 – Safety Concerns

You may not have kids at home currently, but you can’t predict what will happen in the future. So, it is important to keep safety concerns at bay by tucking away all the cords before they pose any risk of strangulation or accidents.

3 – Neatness

You may have an immaculate room that looks perfect for pictures. However, the monitors can pose a threat to that perfection if their cords aren’t concealed properly. Further, the cords of these monitors can be a threat and inconvenience for house decoration and perfect pictures.

Where to Hide Baby Monitor Cords?

baby monitor shelf

Once you have the cord in your hand, where do you go from there? Well, not too many places really. The cord only needs a small space to stay hidden and mostly these spaces are under rugs or carpets.

1 – Under Carpets And Rugs

This is the most common place to hide monitor cords. You can simply roll up a rug or carpet, and it will cover a multitude of cords. We all know that carpets and rugs are easily movable, what this means is that you can conceal more cords as they appear after your baby grows up.

2 – Picture Frames

If you have a row of picture frames along a wall in your house, you can make use of them to hide monitor camera cords too. Simply mount baby monitor somewhere close to frames and run the cord through the frames on either side. No one will be able to tell from looking at the framed picture gallery over your fireplace for example.

3 – Underneath Furniture

Underneath heavy furniture is another place you can put all your cords together. This includes tables, bookcases, chairs and more. These are some of the heavier pieces in most houses that don’t get moved around often for this very reason. If you happen to be using several cords at once, hiding them underneath furniture is a great way to go about it.

4 – Behind Curtains And Window Treatments

Another good place to hide monitor cords if they are not visible through windows or doors are curtains or window treatments. You can simply tuck any cord behind these things without letting anyone see that there is even a cord behind them. It will blend in with all the other drapes and coverings perfectly.

5 – Under Cable Covers

If you have a wall mounted television or other gadgets that have cables running behind them to the sockets, you can simply tuck away any baby monitor cords inside the cable covers too. This will help keep all the cords together, and less visible for anyone who may be looking around your house casually.

6 – Go For Baby Monitor Wall Mount

A great option is to mount your baby monitor wires directly to the walls. This may not be a good idea if you have a lot of cords as it might be difficult to keep them up there. However, depending on which of the baby monitor models you’re using, there might only be two or three cords that can allow for an easy cable management. Try mounting a baby monitor and the baby monitor cord, both securely onto your wall using an adhesive strip or other such item.

7 – Under Tables And Chairs

Last but not least, another common place to put baby monitor wires is underneath any kind of furniture that doesn’t have storage underneath it. If your chairs for example don’t have a convenient storage compartment underneath them already, then putting the cord down between two legs of a chair is a good idea. The same goes for tables too if you can’t find a good place for them.

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General Equipment Needed to Hide Monitor Cords

baby monitor holder

  • Cord covers or Cable sleeve
  • Sharp scissors for cutting cord cover
  • Baby proofing sheets
  • Strong tapes
  • Basic mounting system
  • Cable concealer Kit
  • Curtain rod

General Tips to Hide Monitor Cords

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Below are some of the most helpful tips that you can use to hide video baby monitor wires:

1 – Mix The Monitor Cord With Other Cords

The easiest way to do this is to take an extension cord (that has a similar style and color) and simply put it right in the middle of your baby monitor wiring. No one will be able to tell that two sets of cables are actually one.

2 – Baby Monitor Cord Clip And Hooks

Monitor cord clips and strips can be found in any hardware store. You can get a few of these hooks and attach them onto the backs of your bookcases, chairs or tables that have enough space behind it. This is a great option for hiding cords that are on display somewhat.

3 – Decorations And Mirrors

As mentioned before, don’t forget to use your decorative and ornamental items to hide away any monitor cords you might have. You can put these items in a way that makes it seem like they were made for hiding cables – such as behind mirrors, pictures, artwork and even plants.

4 – Get Creative With Your Carpeting

If you want to be really creative with hiding your monitor cords, try sticking them underneath the carpeting itself. This is a more advanced method though, and may not work for everyone depending on how thick or thin your carpets are.


baby video monitor

By now, you should have plenty of different ideas to get started on hiding your monitor cords. This is a must for anyone who wants to ensure their privacy or safety when it comes to using them. Thanks again for reading!

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