The 7 Best Underwear For Working Out Men in 2022

Exercise is essential, both for good health and for a pleasing physical appearance. Balancing your diet is important too, but exercise boosts its value by improving your bone density and toning your muscles.

However, most people that start exercising don’t realize that you need special workout underwear. That’s especially true if you plan to exercise for extended periods, because regular cotton under clothes might chafing skin in your nether regions.

Some guys prefer briefs whereas others might opt for a boxer brief, but whatever you choose to put on during your workout needs to be quick drying. That’s because a normal brief doesn’t absorb sweat, nor does it kill bacteria that tend to accumulate in warm and moist conditions. Fitness experts often emphasize avoiding everyday wear and add some men’s sports underwear to your underwear drawer, and we most certainly agree with them.

Cotton tighty whities can also reduce mobility during a long workout, so if you plan on starting an exercise regimen you need to first some men’s athletic underwear.

However, you might not know much about men’s workout which is why we have compiled a list of the top seven products you can buy right now. But first, we will start off by describing the benefits of investing in men’s clothes that are designed for a sweaty workout.

The Benefits of Workout Underwear

Extra Support

Most high intensity exercises require a lot of movement, and let’s just say that us men have more equipment to keep in mind while we work out. Boxer briefs specifically designed to be used as workout underwear can provide support and reduce the discomfort that can come with running or other similar activities.

That can prevent a wide range of injuries that can also occur if you wear something that doesn’t provide a supportive fit. The type of boxer briefs you buy also depends on the activity you plan to take part in. For example, weight lifting and running each require different types of workout underwear.

Temperature Regulation

Exercising increases your body temperature which can lead to discomfort. It’s not just about the sweat either. Overheating during a gym session is a common occurrence, and it can lead to significant health consequences. Men’s athletic underwear is designed to help you stay cool thanks to their increased breathability.

They can also provide extra coverage if you’re exercising in the cold winter months. Warming up before working out in frigid weather is important, but so is using men’s workout underwear that can keep that warmth in place rather than letting it dissipate.

Skin Protection

Your skin can suffer quite a bit if you don’t use the right underwear during your workouts. The snug fit of a regular boxer brief can create friction against your skin, so the fact that men’s workout underwear helps reduce chafing by acting as a second skin is a major advantage.

Also, extended workout sessions can often necessitate the use of antibacterial creams because fungal infections can thrive if you sweat a lot. The moisture wicking properties of workout underwear for men can help prevent such infections. Your crotch will stay relatively dry if you use special workout oriented men’s underwear, and the chafing prevention is an added bonus.

Longer Workouts

There are lots of reasons why workout underwear for men can help you exercise for longer periods. For one thing, these boxer briefs facilitate a free range of motion so your muscles will build greater endurance.

Additionally, the lack of chafing and moisture reduce discomfort. Oftentimes your muscles might be capable of exerting themselves for a lot longer, but you would be so sweaty and uncomfortable and your skin would be so raw that you just wouldn’t be able to continue. The best men’s athletic underwear has numerous properties that can help you get top notch workouts in.

Special Design

An often underrated aspect of gym underwear is that it has various design features that can help you give your all at the gym. For example workout underwear for men prevents underwear riding which can be a major issue during bicycling especially.

Another one of their key features is that they are made of special breathable fabric that helps dry up your sweat. Remember, we’re not talking about ordinary boxer briefs. Workout underwear is made for a single purpose, to help make your workouts easier and more effective.

What to Look For in Men’s Workout Underwear

moisture wicking

Not all workout underwear is created equal. If you want the best men’s athletic underwear that money can buy, you need to know what you should be looking for. Here are some things that your briefs should offer to be worth your while:


The best workout underwear needs to be flexible to facilitate easy movement. A four way stretch is essential, which makes fabric like spandex ideal. However, bear in mind that a fabric that can stretch often sacrifices breathability.

You need to find something that balances the two, and while spandex can be a great option in this regard nylon is often considered a suitable alternative for people that need a breathable material that’s can still stretch a bit.


Cotton is a highly breathable material, but it’s not as quick drying as a fabric like nylon or polyester. A boxer brief with good breathability can help keep you cool, and it also helps your sweat dry rather quickly. Ideally, you should be on the lookout for moisture wicking fabric. Polyester is a great example of a fabric that can wick sweat away by drawing moisture away from your body. That’s why it’s a popular fabric among fitness fanatics.

However, pure polyester might cause chafing, so cotton polyester blends might be a better option to explore. You will be wearing boxer briefs for quite a long while, so breathability is arguably among the most important factors to take into consideration.


Whether you plan to ride a bike or go for a jog, your underwear will likely undergo a fair bit of wear and tear. Also, your briefs will need to be able to withstand repeated washings because they will absorb a lot of sweat which is unsanitary even when dried. Washing your boxers can damage them ever so slightly, and this can really build up over time.

Hence, you should prioritize durability to ensure that each pair lasts a long time. The best men’s underwear is usually able to survive normal usage, but you might need something even more structurally sound if you plan to go on hikes and the like.


This factor is especially important for colder climates. Your boxers should cover a significant portion of your thighs to keep them warm and prevent injury. You might also want to try wearing something made with merino wool as this is a highly warm material that can keep you relatively toasty if you want to run outdoors in winter.

Using double unders is another good idea because they provide an added layer of warmth and protection, and they are ranked among the best workout underwear that’s currently available. If you’re in a pinch, try swapping your regular pair out for a merino wool alternative. After all, you don’t want to get frostbite in the worst possible place when you’re in the middle of losing weight.


A lot of men prefer to use boxers on a day to day basis because they leave their crotch feeling unencumbered and airy. However, when it comes to exercise you need to forego boxers in favor of boxer briefs. Briefs might be the most functional underwear type but they have a tendency to ride up that many would find undesirable.

Top 7 Men’s Athletic Underwear in 2022

#1 Lululemon Always in Motion Boxer

team sports

The best men’s underwear for workouts tends to keep things simple for the most part, and this product from Lululemon is a great example of that. A pair of these quick drying boxers can get you through even the most strenuous of workouts, but they’re not limited to gym use alone. Rather, they can also be used as everyday wear thanks to their superior comfort.

Made with silky modal fabric, the Lululemon Always in Motion Boxer is the perfect workout companion. It provides superior moisture wicking to keep sweat at bay and provides an ergonomic and flexible clothing solution for an exercise session. What’s more is that you won’t have to hand wash these boxer briefs which is an added advantage that some of the more time strapped exercisers would certainly come to appreciate.


  • Comfortable and soft
  • Highly breathable
  • Absorbent yet quick to dry
  • Machine washable


  • Size inconsistencies can be inconvenient

#2 Men’s Under Armour Tech 6″

intense exercise

A major consideration when buying boxer briefs is the size options at your disposal. With the Men’s Under Armour Tech 6″, you get a wide range of options to choose from including extra small and 5XL.

Made with a superior polyester and spandex blend, a single pair of these boxers can help you get through a week’s worth of exercise with ease. An added advantage of this product is that it has been finished with antimicrobial treatments to prevent fungal buildup. This helps keep infections at bay whilst allowing your nether regions to stay secure and stable during your workout regimen. The mesh fly panel is a bit of an out of the box feature, but it’s meant to promote breathability although some might not like how exposed it makes them feel.


  • Flat seams for maximum comfort
  • Made with antimicrobial materials
  • Smooth and seamless design


  • Mesh fly panel might not be everyone’s cup of tea

#3 Adidas Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear

lifting session

Sometimes you just need a no-frills pair of boxer briefs that don’t cost too much, and the Adidas Performance Climalite Boxer Brief Underwear makes the cut thanks to its excellent value for money. Once again we see a polyester and spandex blend being used in a product which lends credence to the notion that its best fabric combination you can opt for. Fans of cotton might find the material to be rough at first, but after a heavy workout you will realize the benefits of synthetic fiber blends.

These boxer briefs provide a bit of extra coverage too because they’re relatively long which helps prevent chafing, and the tagless waistband rounds off this products excellent features. Don’t let the affordable price tag fool you, this offering from Adidas is a serious contender for the best workout underwear without a doubt. This product pretty much wipes the floor with other, more expensive boxer briefs which just goes to show that price is not always a reliable gauge of quality.


  • Doesn’t ride up and cause discomfort
  • Made with good quality fabric
  • 91% polyester, 9% spandex
  • Relatively affordable


  • Medium rise design might be limiting for some

#4 Jockey Men’s Sports Brief Underwear

seamless construction

If you’re on a really tight budget, Jockey has some great offerings that you can explore. The company’s Men’s Sports Brief Underwear uses more spandex than other products with polyester making up only 80% of the overall blend. 20% of the blend is made of spandex, and that gives this product an excellent four way stretch that helps it conform to the shape of your body. Bear in mind that this does reduce breathability to an extent.

A great feature of the Jockey Men’s Sport Brief Underwear is that it’s long enough to touch your knees. That can cool your body down significantly particularly during long distance cardio exercises, and it helps reduce unpleasant odors too.

The lower chance of unpleasant odors also means that you would have to wash each pair less often, something that can increase its overall life expectancy.


  • Flat seams help boost mobility
  • Excellent temperature regulation
  • Highly flexible


  • Reduced breathability

#5 Tommy John 360 Sport Brief

fitness experts

This boxer brief is a prime of how superior design can create excellent underwear for men, because Tommy John has used a premium fabric blend that frees up your mobility. These briefs can hug your body without bunching up or pinching, and the microbe resistant fabric blend helps keep you healthy.

You need to take part in extended workout sessions if you want to lose weight fast, but the fear of a fungal infection can sometimes make that difficult. Hence, it’s fair to say that a few pairs of these can directly help you get to your goal weight in no time.

A rather unique feature of these boxer briefs is that they come with a horizontal fly. Relieving yourself during a run becomes surprisingly easy when you can just unzip sideways because it reduces the likelihood of you fumbling around!


  • Fabric doesn’t bunch up or ride
  • Horizontal fly
  • Resistant to microbes and odors


  • Lacks breathability and temperature regulation

#6 Baleaf Men’s Active Sport Boxer Brief Underwear

many pairs

This product from Baleaf uses extended leg covering and a soft fabric blend to help make chafing a distant memory. People with thick thighs often struggle to find a pair of boxer briefs that can give them the support they need without cutting into their legs, so this workout underwear is definitely a dream come true. That’s particularly pertinent when you consider that thick thighed individuals are often the ones that need to work out the most!

You get two pairs for the price of one with this product, and it also uses unique design tricks such as the open fly which can help prevent crotch overheating as well as the obvious advantages when attending nature’s call.


  • Extra leg coverage
  • Superior ventilation
  • Flexible yet breathable
  • Well suited to plus sized wearers


  • Double stitching might come loose over time

#7 Neleus Men’s Compression Shorts Pack

added support

Compression shorts are great for cross country running and other marathon like events because they provide the maximum possible crotch security. These shorts from Neleus don’t just stay in one place. Rather, they tend to adjust automatically based on your body movements without any friction or rubbing.

Compact boxer briefs are a must have for running junkies, and with a comfortable and smooth material blend this product can help you go the distance without ending up with a raw crotch. Suitable for both hot and cold weather, you can make these boxer briefs last a long while even if you wash them frequently.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Dual circulation
  • Works in all kinds of weather


  • A little too snug for certain wearers

Tips For Boxer Briefs Aficionados

great choice

Wash With Care

Since we’re talking about men’s athletic underwear here, it is essential to address the importance of washing. You’re going to need to get all of that sweat out after doing half an hour of box jumps after all.

Plenty of people get this aspect of underwear maintenance wrong. Firstly, you can’t wash every pair the same way. Merino wool needs to be treated differently than cotton underwear. Washing something woolen in hot water would make it shrink, and you don’t want anything like that happening to something that’s supposed to cover your crotch.

Another thing we would like to address is the prevalence of over washing. You need to wash you clothes without a doubt, but doing it too often can start to fray the fibers. That would force you to buy something new a little too frequently which can place excessive strain on your finances.

Try to give your under garments a wash every week or so. Also, avoid the mistake of only buying one pair and trying to make do with it. That will cause all kinds of itchiness and unpleasantness that you would be much better off avoiding.

Buy Enough

Instead of trying to make a single pair last several workouts, try to buy enough that you can keep swapping them out. Ideally, you shouldn’t consider wearing something more than two days in a row. If you have exercised a couple times in your boxer briefs, switch to something else. Reusing your workout clothes like this can cause a great deal of problems, not to mention how unsanitary it can be for you if you’re not extremely careful.

For the most part, three to four pairs should help you workout all week without anything getting in the way. Besides, you never know when you might just need to end up throwing one of your boxer briefs out. Having an ample number of backups means that that won’t force you to skip any of your exercise sessions, and you can stay on track to ensure that you lose the most weight possible in a healthy enough manner.

Cotton Isn’t The Devil

While cotton is definitely not an ideal material to use for workouts and the like, it does not have to be vilified to the extent that so many people tend to do. You can use it once in a while, especially if you are just going for a light workout. In fact, we are of the opinion that cotton can be great for days when you are going to give most of your muscles a rest and just focus on stretching and muscle recovery. The excellent breathability of cotton makes it perfect for those kinds of exercise routines, and they can also potentially break the monotony that can come from you putting the same thing on day in and day out. Variety is the spice of life after all, and you would do well to remember that on your weight loss journey.

Size Matters

Try not to get the exact size that you need. Instead, opt for something that is a bit larger than what you require. That way you can get a loose and breathable experience that would help you boost your stamina. A lot of top notch options come with excellent waist bands so slightly larger pairs can still fit you relatively well.

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