The 3 Best Dinosaur in Jurassic World Alive

Jurassic World Alive is a free-to-play augmented reality game from Universal Studios that lets you see the film in real time. It was developed by Ludia and released for iOS and Android on May 24, 2018. Users can find the game on their phones’ app stores and download it. Here are some of the best features of the game: It’s fun and exciting, and will help you experience the Jurassic Park world in a unique way.

The game’s Battle Mode is designed with competitive play in mind. It is a 4v4 best-of-three battle mode where you take turns choosing from among four dinosaurs. There are a bunch of dinos to choose from, but a powerful dinosaur will give you an edge in a challenge. Moreover, it’s a cooperative game with your friends. You can also play this mode with other Alliance teams. It is recommended to have a good connection to completely avoid connection issues.

Before we forget to mention, there are different modes of the game. You can fight with a single dinosaur or with several. You can even create your own team and power them up. You can also capture dinosaurs and battle other players in online matches. The gameplay is very similar to that of the original Jurassic Park, so you’ll feel like you’re really in the park with the creatures through its amblin entertainment. The only difference is that you can choose a good dino to send in battle according to their placement in the tier list and what moves to make in order to get the edge.

Some of The Best Dinosaurs in Jurassic World Alive

The dinosaurs from Jurassic World: Alive have a wide variety of traits. Among these is a much higher health stat, increased attack power, and fast speed. Players can even breed them together to create unique dinosaurs. Let’s take a look at some of the best dinosaurs from the tier list.

#1 Utarinex

ferocious strike

The Utarinex has been redesigned and has a different special move than its predecessor, Critical Impact. It now has the new special move High Counter-Attack, which increases its critical attack by 40% and deals 1.5x damage. This move has been replaced in all dinosaurs with Critical Impact.

This hybrid is the result of a genetic alteration between the two dinosaurs. It combines the intelligence, resilient strike and defensive ability of Raptor and Sinoceratops. It is a dangerous, but rare, animal that can match the intelligence of either the Utasinoraptor or the Raptor.

The lower UTR of the Utarinex means it is more deadly and has a higher rating, which makes it a good choice for teams that swap heavy. In addition to its unique coloring, Utarinex has a 75% chance of stuning its opponent for 1 turn.

#2 Mammolania

woolly mammoth

The Mammolania is a slow Cenozoic hybrid with thick, tough skin. At 6,000 kg, it can topple taller enemies. It has no speed reduction, and no vulnerability. It also doesn’t receive damage from stun or additional damage from vulnerability from other creatures which makes it epic.

While Mammolania does not have the fastest speed in the game, she is a decent lead and a decent swapper and is on the top in the tier list. Even if she is slow, she is still very versatile in PvP situations. It can be a strong pick in midrange decks and on the bottom lane. If your meta is filled with apex creatures, make sure you have a good choice for this apex to earn rewards.

#3 Spinoconstrictor

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Yet another one top in the tier is Spinoconstrictor. New abilities have been added for the Spinoconstrictor, including Damage over Time 33%, which improves the matchup against Indoraptors. The Spinoconstrictor now also benefits from superior vulnerability, which counts down until the next turn. This ability is not affected by initiative, so if your opponent doesn’t have initiative, they’ll still be vulnerable to damage. The creature’s attributes reflect the level of immunity to vulnerability.

Its attack power has been increased to 1600 increasing its ability to beat others. Its damage from Vulnerability has been improved to 500. The epic new attack has more damage and is much more powerful than the old one. The health has increased to 1500. The dino’s resiliency has also been increased. In addition to its improved physical attacks, the Spinoconstrictor now has a stronger ability to stun its opponents.

Which is the strongest dinosaur in JW alive?

One of the most powerful dinos in the game is the Velociraptor. It has a high health, resists poison and can inflict the status condition Slow through his instant move. It can also inflict the status condition Stun, which lasts for 2 turns. It is the perfect combination of speed and power. However, it is the only dinosaur in the game that has a stat called “Stun Immunity.” It prevents the stun from being applied to it and goes on a rampage. It also has the highest damage of any dinosaur in the game. It is a great pick for aggressive decks.

What is the fastest dinosaur in Jurassic World Alive?

The fastest dinosaur in the game is the Raptor. It is the fastest dinosaur in the game. It has the lowest health, but it is resistant to poison and has a high damage output. It also has a special move called Quick Charge, which allows it to charge into the enemy and deal double damage. The special move also reduces the cooldown time to use the same move as rex gen.

It has a special move called Super Strength, which causes the user to gain 100% strength for 5 seconds. The Raptor also has the ability to inflict the status condition Stun, which lasts for 2 turns. It is a great pick for aggressive decks and mutual fury.


JWA is a game that anyone can enjoy. The developers have done a fantastic job of making a game that feels like you are in the Jurassic Park universe. It is a game that anyone can play and everyone should try it out. It is also a game that people who love the movie will definitely enjoy.

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