Best Baby Monitor For Two Rooms

If your little one has more than two rooms to spend their time alone in or you have twins or you are planning to grow your family, you might need to keep an eye on two separate rooms from your own. In such cases, a simple baby monitor fails to suffice since it works great but only for one room. It is in cases like these that parents tend to look out for some great baby monitors for two rooms.

Unfortunately, there are not a plenty of options when it comes to finding a two room baby monitor that is perfect from all angles and also falls within a realistic budget. But, do not worry because we have done some research for you to come up with some practical options that parents have today to have full control on multiple rooms at the same time.

Below, we are not only going to share with you some of the best baby video monitors for two rooms, but will also be sharing a detailed buying guide for you to consider when making a choice between different options you have. So, let us jump right into the article:

Top Baby Monitors For Two Rooms – Product Reviews

Below, we have shared reviews of some of our favorite baby monitors for two rooms, which we think you should consider buying:

#1 Motorola Video Baby Monitor – MBP50-G2

power saving mode

At your first glance, this might seem like a simple baby monitor but it is not one. It has many great features which you will be surprised to see in such a budget friendly product and we think that the Motorola Video Baby Monitor MBP50-G2 should be ideally suited for all of your needs.

The most interesting thing about this best video baby monitor is that you can have two camera feeds on screen at the same time with their split screen feature. Although some people feel that having just one feed makes it less useful, but once they use the split screen feature, they are left admiring this quality of this device.

So, if your kids are different genders or you have twins who want different rooms where they can play and spend time, the Motorola Video Baby Monitor MBP50-G2 will allow you to have both feeds on screen at the same time and stay watchful and alert.

Another feature that we liked about this baby monitor is that it allows for push to talk communication with two way speakers to communicate effectively. As a result, if your kid is crying or making some other sound, you can go ahead and remind them without having to go in there all of the time.

And since you are not always next to your kid whenever they make noise or do something else, you might miss important things which may need your attention soon enough. With this video monitor, however, you would be able to hear everything clearly its powerful wireless remote controlled system ensures that you can hear even the slightest of sounds.

Another feature that we loved about it is its economy mode which extends battery life by 90% allowing parents to use this baby monitor for up to 9 hours continuously with just one charge. It also has night vision and large room temperature monitor on the side so you would be able to keep track of your kid’s activity closely without having to move from your place.

Finally, although this video baby monitor lacks certain advanced features like pan tilt zoom and multiple connectivity options for other devices, it certainly does not lack out in terms of performance and comfort. In fact, many customers have reported positive experiences using this best 2 way communication system because of how easy it is to use and setup as well as the quality of the video and audio that it outputs.

So, if you are looking for a simple and easy to use baby monitor that offers great value and performance without too many fancy features, this should be your go-to product.


  • Split screen feature allows for two camera feeds at the same time.
  • ECO mode extends battery life by 90%.
  • Compatible with latest Bluetooth devices
  • Easy To Use


  • Sound alerts are not loud enough if you have turned on music or TV
  • Night vision is only available in black and white

#2 Babysense 4.3″ Baby Monitor

video monitor

The Babysense 4.3″ video monitor is a battery-powered parent unit designed to keep an eye on your baby and offer you peace of mind while going about your day.

Some parents use their kid’s movement as a sign to check in on them while they are alone, while others use it as a way to make sure kids do not get out of bed once you have put them down for a nap or a night sleep. Without any one of these safety features, parents everywhere would be extremely nervous when leaving the their child alone in the room

With this particular model from Babysense, however, you will get all of these important features including a 2-way communication system for talking to your baby, a temperature checker which allows you to check up on the temperature of their bedroom and sound lights that would flash when there is noise of some sort.

And since this model can be used with batteries (3AA) or an AC power adapter (included), parents who are taking care of more than one kid at home can use it without having to move too much from one place to another.

One thing we liked about this unit is how easy it was to set up and get running in no time without making too many adjustments or confusing controls. So if you want something that is simple and efficient enough to use, go with Babysense 4.3″ Baby Monitor.


  • 2-way communication allows parents to speak to kids through the parent unit.
  • Infrared sensors alert you if the baby is moving too much or not breathing
  • Can be used with batteries or AC power adapter


  • Cannot be easily mounted on wall or ceiling
  • Night vision is okay-ish

#3 Motorola Connect40

split screen

At a number three, we have this amazing video baby monitor that you should use. It is a device that goes above and beyond to ensure that you can see your kid clearly while being in another room far away from them.

The Motorola Connect40 is quite an innovative product in some respects because it not only allows you to see your kid through the camera but also lets you communicate with two way speakers instantly if needed. This feature makes it different than most other video monitors out there which just allow for one-way communication systems.

What’s more, the Motorola Connect40 is extremely easy to setup and use because it has clear indicator lights which help parents know when everything is working well or not without having to rely on user manuals all of the time.

Although this video baby monitor lacks certain high-end features like night vision, pan tilt zoom and other connectivity options, it does have an app that allows you to control the monitor through your phone in real time. And since it supports iOS 7 or later versions as well as Android 4.4 KitKat software updates, users no longer need to worry about compatibility issues with newer operating systems.

The Motorola Connect40 can also connect with iOS devices which make things even easier for people using Apple products. Hence, if you are looking for a good video monitoring system that works closely with your mobile device without any problems, this should be your number one choice.


  • Interactive communication allows for two-way communication between parents and child literally from anywhere.
  • Supports iOS 7 and other later operating systems
  • Clear indicator lights for easy set up and use


  • Only works with other Motorola devices unlike other video baby monitors that work across a wider spectrum of products including the iPhone.
  • Night vision is has no color option only black and white making objects appear blurry sometimes.

#4 Moonybaby Split 55 Baby Monitor

multiple cameras

At number four, we have the Moonybaby Split 55 Baby Monitor and it is a product that offers amazing value especially when you compare what you get with other devices in this tier.

The Moonybaby Split 55 comes out of the box ready to use because there is no installation needed. All you need to do is charge it up and connect it with your phone to be able to see your little one whenever you want from anywhere in the world.

So, unlike other video monitors that cost more but require constant set up, this device does not have such problems because kids grow very fast and things change all the time so being able to install something quickly then move it around if necessary is a big advantage indeed.

Another great thing about the Moonybaby Split 55 is that it has two cameras built into it so you can see your baby from more than one perspective. This way, you are closer to your child and can get a better idea of what is going on in their lives all day everyday without having to miss out on anything.

The only downside with the Moonybaby Split 55 is that its sound quality could be better but other than that, everything else including the price point are just perfect for everyone involved.


  • Good value offered at an affordable price.
  • Two cameras allow you to see your child from 2 separate perspectives simultaneously.
  • No installation needed makes this product very easy to transport around the house or elsewhere if needs be


  • Audio quality could be better
  • We’d have preferred better night vision

#5 Summer Infant Baby Pixel Zoom HD Video Baby Monitor

multiple cameras

The Summer Infant Baby Pixel Zoom HD Video baby monitor is quite an innovative device that allows you to keep track of your kid closely without having to move from your own room or go all the way outside to check on them. What’s more, it has easy controls which make things even more convenient for people using this amazing product.

Although there are certain features missing in this video monitoring system like pan tilt zoom and other connectivity options with devices besides iOS mobile devices, it still does offer great performance for people who need something simple yet efficient enough to work well.

And since it can support up to four cameras at once, there is no end to how many children you can keep an eye on at the same time. This makes it easily one of the most efficient video baby monitors out there that you can buy if only for this reason.


  • Supports up to four cameras with a maximum image size of 1280×720 pixels and 30fps recording speed
  • Extremely simple and easy controls for parents who want something basic and do not need too many extra features
  • Allows splitting of live stream into different segments so each child gets individual attention from parents
  • Can connect with Android 4.4 KitKat software version or later versions as well as iOS 7 devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch


  • No connectivity options with other than iOS devices such as the Xbox One, PlayStation 3/4 or even Nintendo Switch consoles

#6 VTech VM5463-2 Budget Baby Monitor

battery life

At number six, we have the VTech VM5463-2 which is an advanced video monitoring system that works with both iOS and Android phones and have wide angle lens too. Hence, you can use it to see your kid’s activities clearly without having to worry about compatibility issues.

The VTech VM5463-2 also has a temperature sensor included on its monitor so you would be able to track the heat level of your child while they are sleeping in their cribs. This feature is extremely helpful because it keeps parents up-to-date on what their kid is feeling like while preventing any cases of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) at night time.

What’s more, this amazing video baby monitor features multi functionality communication which means that parents and kids can communicate back and forth using two-way communication whenever they need to. This feature is extremely helpful for keeping an eye on your child’s activities even if you are not right next to them.

The VTech VM5463-2 comes equipped with an ECO mode as well which extends the battery life of the device by 90% or more. Hence, you won’t have to worry about charging the monitor often because it stays active for a very long time before needing another charge.


  • Temperature sensor included to keep track of baby’s health status at all times.
  • 2 way communication allows parents and children to talk anytime and anywhere without any restrictions.
  • Long lasting battery life that last up to ten hours per charge


  • Not many connectivity options.
  • The night vision is not very clear compared to other monitors available on the market

Buyer’s Guide

battery life

Down below is a detailed buyer’s guide that will help you understand what you need to consider while buying a baby monitor for two rooms. So, let us take a quick look:

1 – Video Quality

Video quality is undoubtedly the most important aspect of a video baby monitor since it gives parents a clear picture of both the rooms at the same time and what their children in both the rooms are doing. If you are looking for a quality baby monitor that can give you great visual quality, then you should be ready to invest some extra cash since the good video monitors come with high price tags. However, there are not many options in this respect when it comes to finding an affordable two room monitor.

2 – Range

Range is also another aspect that needs to be considered when buying baby monitors for two rooms because the best baby monitor with longer range will allow you to monitor your child from any corner of your house without any issue. The wider the range of your monitor, the better you’d be able to see both the rooms in all their entirety. This also keeps you in-touch with the baby even if he or she is somewhere close to the corners or going out of the room.

3 – Convenience of Use

Another important factor to be considered while buying baby monitors for two rooms is the convenience of use since it is expected of a baby monitor to keep both the parents and their children happy at all times. So, make sure to look out for some good features like voice activation, low battery alerts etc. We hope the buyer’s guide above has given enough insight into what needs to be considered while picking out the best baby monitor for two rooms.

4 – Additional Features

Some great baby monitors offer some useful extra video and camera features like pan tilt and zoom, talk-back, night vision, lullabies, etc. to make sure that you can monitor your child even when they are sleeping or not making any noise at all. However, all these features come with their own price tags and it is upon you to decide which ones you want in your baby monitor for two rooms.

5 – Signal Strength

Another great feature that you should be looking at when buying a baby monitor is the signal strength. This factor becomes more important if your house happens to have thick walls or if it is somewhat bigger in size. All these factors are likely to create obstacles for the camera which will result in poor visual quality. This feature is especially needed if you are going for split screen baby monitor

6 – Security Features

Last but not the least is the security aspect of your baby monitor. Make sure to pick one that has solid security features and great battery life because you never know when an intruder would come into the house and pose a threat to your child’s safety. The monitor should itself be sturdy and its cords should be insulated with high quality material to keep the child as far away from danger as possible.


parent unit

How many cameras are ideal for 2 rooms?

Ideally, you should go for a monitor that has at least 2 separate cameras so that you can monitor each of the rooms separately. However, if your budget is low or just right then you can get away with one camera only but then the other room will have to be monitored through audio signals only.

How much footage is ideal for 2 rooms?

Well, the best part about a baby monitor is that you can have both your rooms on camera and also monitor them at the same time. However, if budget is not a problem for you and you want to be able to see both the rooms with utmost clarity then we suggest that you go for a monitor that offers at least 25 ft. of footage to both the rooms simultaneously. This way, you can see everything your child is doing in 1 room and also monitor the other room as well.

How much interference do two-way monitors have?

Well, this depends on various factors like where you live, the construction of your house, how many other electronic devices are being used at home etc. However, it is said that usually there isn’t much interference from other devices but if you have a monitor that offers high quality signal strength and night vision, chances are the interference would be minimal.


We hope our buyer’s guide and reviews have given you enough insight into what to look for in a two-way baby monitor. It is important for parents to feel comfortable and relaxed at all times which is why having a good baby monitor with great battery life can be of great help.

This was our take on the best baby monitors that offer two-way connectivity between both the rooms. We hope you find this piece of writing useful and it gives you enough information on what needs to be considered while choosing a two-way monitor for your house. We wish you all the best in finding the perfect monitor for both of you and your baby!

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