Best Baby Monitor For Two Rooms

power saving mode

If your little one has more than two rooms to spend their time alone in or you have twins or you are planning to grow your family, you might need to keep an eye on two separate rooms from your own. In such cases, a simple baby monitor fails to suffice since it works great …

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How to Connect Motorola Baby Monitor to Phone

hubble for motorola monitors

Motorola baby monitor is a wireless device that allows parents to keep their eye on babies with the help of two way communication system. It has a range of one hundred meters and not only it keeps you informed with updated information but also it can be used as a walkie-talkie. If you have recently …

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How to Sync Summer Baby Monitor

video monitor

Summer is fast approaching and with that, babies will be able to go outside without their winter jackets. But what about the summer baby monitor? If you don’t want to hear your infant screaming in pain because of the heat or be awake all night listening for the slightest sound, then you need to get …

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How to Hide Baby Monitor Cord?

baby monitor cable

If you’ve ever looked for a way to keep unsightly baby monitor wiring out of view, this is the article for you. Depending on where you want to go with the baby monitor’s cord, there are many ways to hide it. You can use the cover of picture frames, plant pots or even just tucking …

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Where to Mount Baby Monitor?

baby's crib

Baby monitors are surely a great device that helps the parents monitor a baby from their own room but also gives them a peace of mind while being away from their child. However, like all other technology, an audio or video baby monitors are also something that need special attention and care in terms of …

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