Seinfeld Quotes...


"If you don't think she's beautiful, there's something wrong with you."
"She's pretty. She's not beautiful."
"I should drop dead if she's not beautiful."
"I think that's a little extreme."
- Helen Seinfeld and Jerry, about a waitress, in "The Watch"
"Why would I be insulted? I'm never insulted. You could call me baldy, dump soup on my head. Nothing insults me."
- George, in "The Watch"
"Have we been intimate?"
- Kramer, to Elaine, pretending to be her boyfriend, in "The Watch"
"You're a comedian, couldn't you come up with something?"
- Helen, to Jerry, in "The Watch"
"You don't understand. I can't allow my son to pay for me. Look, as soon as I get back to Florida, I promise you I'll mail you a check."
- Morty Seinfeld, in "The Watch"
"Don't tell me about business! I sold raincoats for thirty-five years!"
- Morty, in "The Watch"
"You have a decaf cappuccino?"
"I don't think we have that."
"Well, that's a little strange."
- Kramer and Dr. Reston, in "The Watch"
"You know why fish are so thin?"
"They eat fish."
- Jerry and Naomi, in "The Watch"
"Let me see if I understand this. In other words, you held out for... less money."
"I was wrong, you were right."
"You know, the basic idea of negotiation, as I understand it, is to get your price to go up."
"You're smart, I'm dumb."
"You know, this is how they negotiate in the bizarro world."
- Jerry and George, in "The Watch"
"How could anybody not like you?"
- Helen, to Jerry, in "The Watch"
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