Seinfeld Quotes...


"You were in the Army?"
- Jerry and Kramer, in "The Strongbox"
"Is he wretchedly poor? Does he wear one of those barrels with the straps?"
- Jerry, about Elaine's new boyfriend, in "The Strongbox"
"Apparently I was unable to break up beyond a reasonable doubt."
- George, having trouble ending a relationship, in "The Strongbox"
"We found out his super power was lack of money."
"He's invulnerable to creditors."
- Jerry and Elaine, about her boyfriend, in "The Strongbox"
"She's like a district attorney. If it's not the truth I'll break under the cross."
- George, about Maura, in "The Strongbox"
"You're the bearclaw in the garbage bag of my life."
- Glenn, dumpster diving with Elaine, in "The Strongbox"
"Man's Best Friend... Jerry, I want something like that on my tombstone."
- Kramer, reading stones in the pet cemetery, in "The Strongbox"
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