Seinfeld Quotes...


"This is what I like, see? You come home and your parents are in your bed!"
- Jerry, in "The Stakeout"
"So, um, do you date immature men?
- Jerry, to Vanessa, in "The Stakeout"
"When you're on a stakeout, do you find it's better to stand up against the wall, or kinda crouch down behind a big plant?"
- Jerry, in "The Stakeout"
"Sagman, Bennet, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft. Sagman, Bennet, Robbins, Oppenheim and Taft..."
- Jerry, trying to remember where a woman works, in "The Stakeout"
"Have you totally blocked out the entire time we were a couple?"
- Elaine to Jerry, in "The Stakeout"
"C'mon, there will be people to mock."
- Jerry to Elaine, trying to convince her to go to a wedding, in "The Stakeout"
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