Seinfeld Quotes...


"What am I... hard of smelling?"
- Elaine to Jerry, in "The Smelly Car"
"So when somebody has B.O., the "O" usually stays with the "B". Once the "B" leaves, the "O" goes with it."
- Jerry, in "The Smelly Car"
"I *loooove* horse manure."
- Elaine, who would rather smell anything other than Jerry's car, in "The Smelly Car"
"Well, sometimes we do actually have to get up early, but a man will always trade sleep for sex."
- Jerry, in "The Smelly Car"
"There should be a B.O. squad that patrols the city like a "Smell Gestapo". To sniff 'em out, strip 'em down, and wash them with a big, soapy brush..."
- Jerry, in "The Smelly Car"
"Y'know, the funny thing is, somehow I find her more appealing now... It's like if I knew she was a lesbian when we went out, I never would've broken up with her."
- George, finding out that his former girlfriend is a lesbian, in "The Smelly Car"
"You don't understand what I'm up against. This is a force more powerful than anything you can imagine. Even Superman would be helpless against this kind of stench."
- Jerry, describing the B.O. smell in his car, in "The Smelly Car"
"I still smell!"
"You see! You see what I'm saying to you? It's a presence! It's the beast!"
- Elaine and Jerry, in "The Smelly Car"
"Amazing! I drive them to lesbianism, and he brings 'em back!"
- George, on Kramer, in "The Smelly Car"
"First he vomits on me. Then he burns down my father's cabin. And now he's taken Mona away from me."
- Susan, George's ex-girlfriend, on Kramer, in "The Smelly Car"


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