Seinfeld Quotes...


"I feel guilty about getting the pleasure. I feel like I don't deserve it so I talk. It stops me from enjoying it."
- George, about receiving a massage, in "The Note"
"I can't get a massage from a man."
- George, in "The Note"
"What if something happens?"
"What could happen?"
"What if it felt good?"
"It's supposed to feel good."
"I don't want it to feel good."
"Then why get the massage?"
- George and Elaine, in "The Note"
"A man gave me a massage."
"So he had his hands and, uh, he was..."
"He was what?"
"He was... touching and rubbing."
- George and Jerry, in "The Note"
"I think it moved."
- George, in "The Note"
"Maybe it just wanted to change positions. You know, shift to the other side."
"No, no. It wasn't a shift. I've shifted. This was a move."
- Jerry and George, in "The Note"
"Why can't Joe DiMaggio have a donut like everyone else?"
- Kramer, in "The Note"
"I've always been a stall man."
- George, in "The Note"
"I'm not happy."
"Me neither. I've never been happy."
"I mean I'm happy sometimes, but not now."
- Jerry and George, in "The Note"
"Men have been popping into my sexual fantasies. All of a sudden, I'll be in the middle."
"Of what? Oh."
"And a guy will appear from out of nowhere. I say 'Get out of here! What do you want? You don't belong here!' "
- George and Elaine, in "The Note"
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