Seinfeld Quotes...


"I thought you were happy-go-lucky."
"No, no, no, I'm not happy, I'm not lucky, and I don't go. If anything, I'm sad-stop-unlucky."
- Naomi and Jerry, in "The Bubble Boy"
"You think I laugh like Elmer Fudd sitting on a juicer?"
- Naomi, in "The Bubble Boy"
"That's pie country. They do a lot of baking up there."
"They sell them by the side of the road. Blueberry blackberry."
"Blackberry boysenberry."
"Boysenberry huckleberry."
"Huckleberry raspberry."
"Raspberry strawberry."
"Strawberry cranberry."
- George and Jerry, in "The Bubble Boy"
"We're making incredible time here."
- George, in "The Bubble Boy"
"Hey, I am not a prude, sweetheart. I swing with the best of them."
- George, in "The Bubble Boy"
"I can't face the bubble boy."
- George, in "The Bubble Boy"
"Nothing's finer than being in your diner?"
- Elaine, reading what Jerry wrote on an autographed photo, in "The Bubble Boy"
"What are you looking at? You never seen a kid in a bubble before?"
- Donald the bubble boy, in "The Bubble Boy"
- George, playing Trivial Pursuit with the bubble boy, stubbornly
insisting that a typo on the game card is the correct answer instead
of "Moors," in "The Bubble Boy"
"My cubans!"
- Kramer, worried about his cigars, in "The Bubble Boy"


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