Seinfeld Quotes...


"Boy, look at this. Hong Kong's outlawed the rickshaw. See, I always thought those would be perfect for New York."
"Yes, the city needs more slow-moving wicker vehicles."
- Kramer and Jerry, in "The Bookstore"
"If it wasn't for the toilet, there would be no books."
- George, in "The Bookstore"
"We made out at the table like our plane was going down."
- Elaine, in "The Bookstore"
"To the idiot-mobile!"
- Jerry, to Kramer and Newman, in "The Bookstore"
"That book has been on a wild ride."
- Jerry, about the book George took into the bathroom, in "The Bookstore"
"We should've got some collateral from him. Like his bag of cans. Or his... other bag of cans."
- Kramer, after a homeless man stole his rickshaw, in "The Bookstore"
"I even got an idea out of it... The Detox Pancho."
- Elaine, after helping a co-worker through withdrawals, in "The Bookstore"
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