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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The Pulaski Trail

Placer Creek waterfall, along the Pulaski Trail

If you ever find yourself in Wallace, Idaho, make sure you take some time to walk the Pulaski Trail.

The trail is named after Ed Pulaski, a forest service ranger who saved most of his 45-man crew during the Great Fire of 1910 by leading them through the woods to the safety of an abandoned mine.

The new trailhead follows Placer Creek to that very mine, now called the Pulaski Tunnel, and includes interpretive markers about Pulaski, the 1910 fires, and wildfire management.

We walked the trail last week. Or should I say, we walked most of it.

Unfortunately, we only had 90 minutes to get to the mine and back. I estimate we hiked about 1.8 miles before reluctantly turning back without actually seeing the tunnel where Pulaski and his men survived a long night of smoke and heat.

The kids were disappointed not to reach their goal, but we had to get back home for a soccer game. It was a good thing we turned around when we did, as we arrived at the soccer field with just minutes to spare.

Next year we'll hike the Pulaski Trail again, when we can devote half a day to it.

If you go, ask for directions in town. Bring a good pair of shoes and plenty of water. Much of the wooded trail is moderate to strenuous, with steep sections that will get your heart pumping.

North Idaho is filled with fun hiking trails. The Pulaski Trail adds yet another unique gem to the list.


Blogger HLiza said...

Oh the waterfall looks heavenly! You make me wish that one day I'll be there..

4:57 AM  

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