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Friday, February 22, 2008


Top 25 of 2007

A few months ago I posted our Favorite Kids Songs Of 2007. It took me awhile longer to come up with a definitive list of "grown-up" songs for the past year, songs that aren't for children but can be enjoyed by them. It's a family-friendly grab bag of rock, pop, dance, soundtrack, and more. Don't ever say within earshot of me that there isn't any good new music these days. You're just not looking hard enough. In fact, with sources like iTunes and Amazon Downloads, I think it's easier than ever to find all kinds of new bands making incredibly cool music.

I just happen to have an extra CD of this mix if anyone wants it. I made one for myself, but then my computer accidentally burned another copy. Darn technology has a mind of its own! I really hate to throw it in the trash, so let me know if you want to help me keep the disc out of our local landfill. Leave a comment and plead your case.

Anyway, these are my family's Top 25 Grown-Up Songs Of 2007 (in no particular order):

1. Danny Elfman - "To the Future!"
2. Silverchair - "If You Keep Losing Sleep"
3. Darren Hayes - "On the Verge of Something Wonderful"
4. The Rocket Summer - "Hold It Up"
5. Sara Bareilles - "Love Song"
6. Derek Webb - "I Wanna Marry You All Over Again"
7. Chris Rice - "Lemonade"
8. The Silver Seas - "Imaginary Girl"
9. Rooney - "When Did Your Heart Go Missing?"
10. KT Tunstall - "Little Favours"
11. Tom Langford - "Wooden Home"
12. Colin Hay - "Are You Lookin' At Me?"
13. Au Revoir Simone - "Stars"
14. Maroon 5 - "Little of Your Time"
15. Spoon - "The Underdog"
16. Lucky Soul - "Ain't Never Been Cool"
17. A Fine Frenzy - "Lifesize"
18. Your Vegas - "In My Head"
19. Relient k - "Must Have Done Something Right"
20. No More Kings - "Someday"
21. Farrah - "Dumb Dumb Ditty"
22. The Fratellis - "For the Girl"
23. Feist - "1234"
24. Jessie Baylin - "See How I Run"
25. Patrick Park - "Life's A Song"



Blogger Jeff said...

I should ask for this for the mere reason that I honestly don't know any of these. I'll bet they're all excellent songs and I'm missing out on a ton of good tunes.

For being a musician my whole life, I have the lamest excuse for a music collection of anyone I know.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Melany aka Supermom said...

I would have loved this. What a pity I live a zillion miles from you

10:11 PM  
Anonymous jesse tinsley said...

My nine year old son has started listening to the radio, mostly 103.1 FM, and has fallen in love with Green Day. The radio versions of songs are quite fun, but the CDs are full of F-bombs and other undesirable words. Darn it all.
It was nice to meet you at Blogfest.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Dawn said...

Thanks for the list. Looks like fun! I am not familiar with most of these, so I'll have to check them out!

5:47 AM  

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