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Monday, February 18, 2008


In The Beginning

I've been thinking back to the beginning, when my son was a newborn, and all we listened to for months were lullabies.

Some of these songs still sound good to me, and I find myself listening to them late at night while the kids are asleep and I want to hear something soothing while I'm on the computer.

This is the first part of the soundtrack to my life as a parent...

It's no surprise that my kids are Beatles fans today. I started them off young, playing quiet, lullaby versions of the famous songs of the Fab Four. These melodies are in their subconscious.

Jason Falkner - "In My Life"
Vanessa Mae - "Because"

My kids also seem to have an affinity for Australian music, and it's not because of the Wiggles. Back in 1998, as I was anticipating the arrival of my son, I ordered an Australian import CD filled with original children's music by contemporary artists, such as Colin Hay, Paul Kelly, and David Bridie. Called Lullaby and Goodnight, it turned out to be the best collection of lullabies I've ever heard. It's long out-of-print, and almost impossible to find even through eBay. We hold on to our copy like it's gold.

Joe Creighton - "So Still He Lies"
David Bridie - "Sing Me Soft & Smooth & Slow"

Speaking of The Wiggles, they were becoming popular when my son was a newborn, so it was natural that they would be a part of his early years. The Wiggles aren't just about Big Red Cars and dancing pirates. Their lullabies were just as welcome and soothing as our other favorites when it was time for rocking little babies off to dreamland.

The Wiggles - "The Dreaming"
Art Garfunkel - "Dreamland"

Tomorrow, my son discovers rock 'n' roll in a cartoon!



Blogger brettdl said...

Lullabies didn't work with Seth when he was an infant. He needed loud, fast-beat music. Even now, he complains about "slow, boring" music.

3:46 AM  
Anonymous alli said...

we killed Fuller's CD player before his first birthday. We ran it way too much. This was before MP3 players were really affordable. We are in a TMBG phase right now.

5:34 AM  
Anonymous becky said...

Steve Perry could always sing my son to sleep. For my daughter it was Neil Diamond. It must be in the air I did a lot of flashing back to the baby years this weekend.

p.s. I'm reading "Preparedness Now" by Aton Edwards It 's pretty cool , your son might enjoy it too. We got the 10 yr old grandson survival books for x-mas and he loved them. Just wanted to share.

9:45 AM  

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