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Thursday, May 10, 2007


The Slow Lane

My son almost scored his first soccer goal in four seasons today.

Normally, he plays a defensive position. He's comfortable back there, waiting to stop the other team's offense. Over the years, it's become obvious that my son is a slow runner. Even at an all-out sprint, he's still ten steps behind most kids.

He's just not built for speed, and we've all adjusted to that. But his coach feels, as do I, that it's healthy for the kids to play all positions. Today was my son's first time at forward. And I'm proud to say he gave it his best effort. That's all I've ever asked of my kids.

While he was on the field, doing his very best, a funny thing happened. He found himself with the ball, heading toward the goal, with nobody between him and the goalie. After four years, he finally had a chance to score. It was a good, strong kick, but the goalie intercepted it.

Still, it gave him a feeling of confidence that he can build upon. For the first time, he's recognizing that he can step outside his comfort zone to find new skills and abilities. I've told him for years that he can do anything he sets his mind to, regardless of how he measures up to other kids. I think he's starting to believe me.


Blogger Jeff - OWTK said...

Awesome scene you describe, Phil. Tell you boy congrats for me as well.
It is a miracle the shot was on net at all...those wide open ones are usually the hardest - they seem too easy and you will often think too much and not act as instinctually as you would otherwise in a bang-bang type of scoring chance.
Good for him!

7:46 AM  
Anonymous brettdl said...

I agree. Good for your son

11:41 AM  
Anonymous PDX Pup said...

"I've told him for years that he can do anything he sets his mind to, regardless of how he measures up to other kids.

That's something I tell the kids I coach almost daily. He'll get one soon, Phil!
P.S. As a goalkeeper, I should tell you that we call them saves and not interceptions--only because it makes both players sound better (I had to work to "save" a shot that would surely have gone in the net had I not been there. HaHa.)

6:26 PM  
Blogger Hann said...

Yeah, soon it'll happen.
Same here our son playes defence too, he is quiet happy to stop the ball although he says he just want to kick goals. The coach said "so does every one, but what will it helps if each of us in the team kick a goal, that's 11 and then the oponents kick 12?"

2:00 AM  
Blogger sunnyday said...

It's great that your son hears about the principle of doing one's best, without the pressure of winning or what others conventionally deem as success. =)

Oh, and that cartoon down there about homeschooling and public school is funny. I'll pass it on to my best friend who is thinking of homeschooling her kids!

5:39 PM  

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