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Saturday, September 02, 2006


Forced Into Efficiency

I put it off and put it off, and I'm not sure why. But for several years I just couldn't bring myself to use an aggregator for reading blog feeds. One reason was that I didn't like the way any of them looked. Bloglines seemed okay, and I did set up an account, but I never got around to filling it up with my favorite feeds.

What forced me into becoming a more efficient blog reader was the recent start of our homeschooling. There's very little time for browsing the web now, what with six to seven hours of prep and teaching each week day. So I sat down to update my long-unused Bloglines account, which already had 12 feeds subscribed, and the first post I saw was from The Zero Boss in which he included a link to Google Reader, an incredibly simple blog reader... Exactly what I was looking for! Simple, no-nonsense, easy to read and navigate.

Check out Google Reader if you're looking for a way to become more efficient! Now if I could just figure out a way to write posts more easily...


Anonymous brettdl said...

I've used them on and off too. Lately, I'm lucky to look up one or two stories a day.

4:29 AM  

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