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Thursday, June 15, 2006


Summer Chill

I was talking with my son last month about summer plans -- things we would do, places we would go. He said, "Daddy, I want to do some learning, but not a lot of learning. I just want to have fun this summer."

I told him we would take a break from math, grammar, science, and all of that. I said, "You can still learn things. You should never stop learning. But we won't worry so much about it. We'll have a fun and relaxing vacation."

So now summer is here... The kids got out of school last week. I reminded my son that we were going to have a carefree summer filled with hiking, swimming, bike riding, playing, exploring, and reading for fun. Plus, no lectures from me for two whole months.

That last part was his favorite. A relieved look crossed his face, and he sighed happily, "Daddy's going to take a chill pill!"

So that's what I'm doing... Summer chillin'... Hope you are too.


Anonymous brettdl said...

What a hoot!

9:29 AM  
Blogger Hannelie said...

Enjoy the holidays you all!!
Term 2 here still, school close down in 3 weeks for a 2 week break, then back for Term 3(10 weeks) another 2 weeks break and last term 4 (10 weeks) then finally summer break of about 8 weeks. Kids only change grades after end of year.
I think I've heard that you guys change grade mid year?

Hello Christine!

10:25 PM  

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