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Friday, March 03, 2006


The Case of the Missing Money

Yesterday my son's class was late coming out of the school at the end of the day, so I walked into the building and started down the long hallway toward his classroom. Before I got there, however, the door opened and out walked three kids, including my son. He breathlessly informed me that "Somebody stole $2 out of Tyler's locker, and the teacher isn't letting anyone go home until the thief confesses!"

Uhhh, so why did she let him and two others out of the classroom? "Because she asked us if we did it, and we said no."

If I can make some sense of second-grade logic, I believe what just happened was that my son's teacher eliminated those students who have a reputation for honesty. Yes, that made me feel pretty good... It confirms that we've instilled in him enough lessons, stories, and examples of good behavior that he has secured himself an early reputation as being a trustworthy and sincere little boy who makes teachers' jobs easier by speaking the plain and simple truth.

I was certainly very proud of myself as we walked out of that building past the other parents.

I said to my son, in a louder-than-usual voice, "Your teacher obviously recognizes you as one of the most honest kids in the class, and that's why you got to leave right away."

He replied, "Or maybe it was just because she believed my shirt!"


Anonymous brettdl said...


9:29 AM  
Blogger Word Tosser said...

Phil, Phil, Phil, you should know by now...NEVER EVER...ask your children such questions within ear shot of another adult.... You know you are going for the Murphy Law, right? lol too funny....

6:28 PM  
Blogger Bay Views said...

I think it is delightful that your Son is judged to be honest. I do, however think you have overlooked the obvious.

Should a teacher be allowed to flagrantly abuse the personal rights of the many to try to find one guilty party. Isn't that an example of what we DON'T want to teach our kids about our system.

7:28 PM  

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