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Feline Film Festival -- The best and most entertaining films that feature cats, both big and small. From Hollywood features to documentaries to "educational" videos for cats and kittens.

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Video Catnip
The #1 best-selling video for cats to watch. Filled with lots of action of birds, squirrels and other furry creatures, this will keep your cat glued to the TV set for hours!
Milo & Otis
A cat and a dog go on the adventure of a lifetime in this hilarious, and touching, take of friendship.
Eyewitness: Cat
A fascinating look at the lives of cats of all shapes and sizes. Great pictures and narration!
Cat City
A witty satire of politics, capitalism and eternal class struggle. Clever animation. Cool cats vs tough mice!
The Gingham Dog
and the Calico Cat
A wonderful Christmas story that teaches the importance of teamwork. Features narration by Amy Grant. Great for kids!
Incredible Cat Tricks
This video is filled with fun and easy tricks you can teach your cat. Starring Princess Kitty.
Homeward Bound
From 1993, starring the voices of Michael J. Fox, Sally Field, and Don Ameche. Great for families.
Homeward Bound 2
Lost in San Francisco
Well-made sequel finds the three animal friends lost in the city. Again, great for kids and parents.
Incredible World
of Cats
Two-hour boxed set from the A&E cable network. Keen insight into cats. Segments on how they interact with people, and a funny story on cat-training.
Ketchup Cafe:
Cats Who Cook
A full-length animated feature about a bunch of cats who run a restaurant. It features real recipes that you can try out for yourself!
Tale of Tom Kitten
Beautiful animated version of the Beatrix Potter book.
National Geographic's
This video explores the connection between domestic cats and the big cats of the wild. Beautiful footage and solid information.
National Geographic's
Really Wild Animals:
Hot Dogs & Cool Cats
A fun look at the ties that bind domestic cats and dogs with their wild counterparts! Great for kids of all ages!
That Darn Cat!
Classic slapstick comedy as a Siamese cat saves the day for the FBI and rounds up a gang of bank thieves. From 1965
The Cat
From Outer Space
An under-appreciated Disney film from 1978. A cat from another planet needs help to get back home. Reminiscent of ET.
Banjo the Woodpile Cat
A farm kitten has to find his way home from the big city. Great for families. From 1979.
Dr. Seuss
The Cat in the Hat
The classic Seuss story with the mischievous cat.
Dr. Seuss
The Cat in the Hat
Comes Back
More feline antics from the Cat in the Hat. Classic kids' video.
Your Cat Wants A Massage!
Your cat will love you even more after you learn how to properly massage them.
Cats: The Musical
One of the most popular Broadway musicals of all time, it's finally been properly filmed. The definitive version of the Andrew Lloyd Webber classic.
Cats Don't Dance
A dancing cat dreams of being a Hollywood movie star... Fun family fare, with great songs by Randy Newman.
Dogs, Cats & Kids
This educational video teaches children how to be safe with animals.
Hello Kitty
Kitty and the Beast
Extremely cute version of Beauty and the Beast. Great for kids!.
Hello Kitty
Snow White
Extremely cute version of Snow White. Great for kids!.


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